Jamie Oliver - Pastry Brush


Jamie Oliver - Pastry Brush


  • Become an artist in the kitchen!
  • Made of soft natural bristles
  • Perfect for holding egg wash, glazes, sauces and marinates
  • Great to baste the juicy steaks at your BBQ!
  • Beautiful acacia handle with dipped end
  • Acacia wood is a genuine hardwood with natural resins that make it a water-resistant and durable material
  • Our Acacia wood is sourced from sustainable forests to keep things green

  • Composition: Acacia Wood & Natural Bristles
  • Colour: Natural Wood & Ivory
  • Size: 26.5cm lon
  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Actual colour may vary slightly from the colour depicted on your device

In stock


  • Wash with dish washing liquid in lukewarm water
  • Avoid using scourers or abrasive chemicals, bleach, ammonia etc. that may damage the wood
  • Allow to dry properly


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